NBA to begin testing for human growth hormone next season

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The NBA and the players association announced Thursday it will begin blood testing for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as part beginning next season as part of the league’s anti-drug program.

Here’s the release:

As part of the collective bargaining negotiations in 2011, the NBA and the Players Association agreed to a process for determining how HGH blood testing would be implemented in the NBA. With that process now completed, beginning with the start of 2015 NBA training camps, all NBA players will be subject to three random, unannounced HGH tests annually (two in-season, one off-season), and players will also be subject to reasonable cause testing for HGH.

If a player tests positive for HGH, he will be suspended 20 games for his first violation and 45 games for his second violation, and he will be dismissed and disqualified from the NBA for his third violation.

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